Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wedding Supplier (Bridal Car): Fly to Manila

Bridal Car: Fly to Manila (Ronnie Navarrete)
Driver: Lito
Contact: 0999-995-6804
Rating: 5/5 
Package: P 4,500

This is actually the most affordable bridal car supplier I've searched over the 'net.

Ghe wanted something grand (hhmmmmrrr)
but I wanted to be practical and opted for something simpler. See, nobody even has a picture of how the bridal car looked like (save the photo-vid team).

We were ready to book the Honda Civic which costs P 3,500 but it was not available on our wedding day. Sir Ronnie then gave us BMW316. Not bad since it's still within our budget

Prompt and Polite
On the day itself, Lito arrived at 6:30 am. Ghe was still able to use it. 

He did not talk much but we had a little chit-chat just before I got out of the car.

To add, the package includes flowers (motif), gas, toll, driver, 8-hour use of the car. Not bad at all. 

P.S. (added 8-Jun-13): If you really want to save, you could ask relatives or friends. But we didn't want them to go through the inconvenience and hassle so we rented instead. ◘

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