Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wedding Supplier (Hair and Make-Up): Beauty by Jey

Hair and Make-Up: Beauty by Jey (Jey Marasigan-Gonda)
Rating: 5/5
Package: P 12,000

I was looking for hair and make-up artists over the ‘net so I tried texting and sending emails for package inquiries.

The package includes hair and make-up for the bride; 1 maid of honor; 1 bridesmaid; 2 mothers; groom.

Personal Touch

One thing that made me pick Jey was her personal touch. I was still inquiring about the package yet she gave me a phone call. Another reason, the package was tailor-made for our needs (budget).

Here I am with the beautiful Jey Marasigan-Gonda


We scheduled for a trial make-up but our (Ghe and I) schedule did not permit it. 

I really trust her work so I simply sent a photo.

I just added: no hair extensions, stick with bangs (‘cause I have a prominent forehead) and much-needed eyebag coverage. She then sent me several hairstyles I could choose from.

On Time 

We were set for a morning wedding and she was the first to come in our hotel room at 4:30 a.m. And yes, I was still taking a bath when she came with her equipment. With her assistant, Grace, the set-up was fast.

It was so early that people were still sluggish yet she was quick to play upbeat sounds to amp the mood of everyone. Plus points for the initiative.


Wonderful Work

I wanted to go for a light make-up and she didn’t let me down with a fresh and dewy look. Plus, I really don’t know how she pulled off this nice bun with my hair length. 

I was getting compliments that I looked like Kyla, Zhang Ziyi… Ok, enough with the bragging. Her work’s lovely enough for my wedding coordinator to ask for her calling card. 

I would also personally refer her to other brides-to-be.

With Veil

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