Monday, May 27, 2013

Wedding Supplier (Photo-Video): V2 Studio

Jeweller: V2 Studio
Contact: (PJ Villegas and Belle Villegas)
Rating: 5/5 
Package: P 26,000 (P 18,500 photo-video & P 7,500 photobooth)

On Time

Call time is at 6 in the morning but they were the third supplier to come in the hotel at around 5:30 am.

Fun and Easy to Work With

No dull moments with the team. Mga hirit na nakakatuwa. They may not know it but they made us laugh...and we're very happy about it.  They have worked according to our instructions - right balance between spontaneous and scripted shots.


Yes,  we're working with a bunch of creative people. Ok sa diskarte.


The photobooth package is good for 2 hours (unlimited shots). But they were kind enough to extend the time with no additional cost.


With the quality of work they put in, sobrang ok nung package.

Ghe's comment: They can really work well under pressure. Tried and tested.

I wanted to add more. The bottom line is: We only have good words and praises for them. 

We can hardly wait for the finished product. ◘

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