Saturday, June 8, 2013

Wedding Supplier (Gown/Veil): Bonnie Weinstein (Dress) / Jarizz Cabrera (Veil)

Designer: Bonnie Weinstein (Kiss) 
Rating: 5/5 
Package: P15,000

If you'd browse wedding dresses online, they skyrocket from P50k-P100k.

Who said that you couldn't get a dress for less than that?

It's no doubt that I love fashion. But believe it or not, I didn't have a wedding dress design on mind. Or maybe there are a lot of choices that I couldn't get to choose from them.

And yes, I was willing to buy ready-to-wear dresses from Baclaran, Divisoria and even department stores.

I was browsing through the racks when a dress caught my attention but the color was far from white, off-white or cream. Good thing there was a contact number on the tag.

I texted and received a reply from Ms. Bonnie Weinstein that she makes wedding gowns too. So Ghe and I went to her apartment, sat down and discussed the design. Really, I was still undecided on how my dress would look like.

The room was full of colorful dresses - from yellow to pink to purple. I looked around trying to find inspiration when I saw a tiny piece of cream fabric peeking through. Details like the flower petals and beads passed as a wedding dress for us. I tried it on but it was a size smaller. The was a design worn by a model on a runway. 

I am not a fan of overwhelming gowns where brides could not walk without the assistance of someone else. Plus, brides should be holding the hands of their loved ones not the ballooning skirt.

We loved it because of the fabric and because of its simplicity. It did not hinder my movement. Anything grand does not exhibit my personality. So I told myself, this was the one I was looking for.

My Wedding Dress (mermaid-cut)

I got a simple veil for free but I wanted something with beads and lace si I had a different supplier for the veil.

Veil: Jarizz Cabrera
Rating: 5/5 
Package: P 3,500

It was a frosted tulle with beads and lace..

The over-all look was simple yet elegant. It's the look I was going for.

To add, I used a pair of dangling earrings, mom's gold necklace, a solid clutch bag and flat shoes ('cause I can't walk in heels).

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