Saturday, June 8, 2013

Wedding Supplier (Groom's Suit): Random Brands Off the Rack

Designer: Random Department Store Brands
Rating: 5/5 
Package: less than P10,000 (including his pair of shoes)

I don't know how Ghe did it but he looked strikingly charming.

Here's the story: It's part of the plan that the entourage would be wearing barongs while Ghe would be wearing a suit. With this in mind, we would browse through black/gray suits.

However, our wedding coordinator suggested that the entourage should wear suits too so the wedding wouldn't look boring. Plus, I really wanted him to wear white. I didn't mind the black long sleeves at all (note:wearing all-white seems off for me).

He got black long sleeves, white vest, white suit and pants and a pair of black shoes, and a white fedora as accessory.

He gave in with white. Ghe's comments, it really looked like we were as one.

photos: V2 Studio

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