Saturday, July 27, 2013

Movie Review: Turbo


Rating: 3 / 5 popcorn
Directed by David Soren

I get too technical with my reviews that I forget to share my personal experience with the film.

We did not intend to watch the movie but it was  a spur of the moment decision to do so.

Don't get me wrong with the rating. I had fun and got pretty much insights from an animated film intended for the younger market.

The irony of a snail wanting to acquire great speed is quite a refreshing premise.

The pacing was too fast and too scripted. The lead snail wandering on a freeway then his DNA got infused by nitrous oxide. Becoming a freak of nature, he and his brother was forced to leave home. A human interested in snail racing was able to find them then the need to enter the Indianapolis 500 race. And the rest is history. I expected how the ending would be.

Plus, I couldn't help comparing it with "Cars".

Maybe it's just me but it's that desire of having something beyond normal. It's about thinking of what really makes us happy. It tells us to take risks in achieving our dreams and that someone out there likes and shares the same vision as ours. ◘


  1. It was not as good as the posters made it looked .It was too unrealistic . It started off pretty well but ended flat .The only thing that stood out and touched an inner cord was the caring behaviour of the elder brother .The main character should have stayed true to itself and pheraphs lost all its powers and gone back to his simple begining. An avarage movie , expected much more ,or rater the poasters were decieving.

    1. Thank you for the insight. I did not expect much and I totally agree with the points you have raised.


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