Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Apprentice (US) Season 2

It was an Apprentice Season 2 marathon last weekend. Watching it ignited my liking for business, creative stuff and people relationship.

Here are the episodes that got stuck in my head pulling lessons that I could use.

1. To open a restaurant in 24 hours. I learned the value of time and knowing your market. Apex (girls) cleaned the place themselves while Mosaic (boys) hired a team to do the cleaning. This saved time for the boys so they could do other things. Second, the girls' resto was too posh for the middle class market in the area. The episode was won by Mosaic.

2. To offer a dog service business at Central Park. Instead of centralizing all team members in one area, you could also consider getting a second location to reach multiple markets. Expanding service offers is a plus too.

3. To open a  bridal shop and be able to sell dresses. Sometimes it's about experience and marketing. One team had a member who's a bridal salon owner. The losing team distributed flyers at Grand Central terminal where people who go a-buzz are interested in anything but bridal shops. The winning team quickly tapped a leading wedding website to announce the opening. This move gave them the advantage where in the end it was a 2 to 27 dresses sold.

4. To make a product catalog for Levi's jeans. Give credit where credit is due. It's all about creativity. I've always wanted to be part of a team that makes catalogs. When the task was given, I was quick to think of traditional magazine-like catalogs. The winning team thought of a modern approach and had a fit wheel instead.

5. To create a bottle design for Pepsi Edge. The winning team finished way ahead of the other. The losing team even bribed the employees just so they could get motivated. You be the judge on which design won.

6.  To produce M&M's M-azing candy bars and be able to sell them. One team had 290 and sold them at $5 dollars each while the other had 300+ and sold them for $2 dollars a bar then $3 for 2 bars. The things I learned... First, don't do anything that would tarnish your integrity just to sell. Second, pricing is key.

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