Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wedding (Church): Our Lady of Remedies (Malate Church)

Church: Our Lady of Remedies Parish (Malate Church)
Contact: 523-2593 / 400-5876;
Rating: 5/5 
Package: P 15,000 + 400 (additional spotlight)

We actually scheduled a morning wedding (9:00 am). The package already includes flowers (10 pots along the nave and 3 pots in the Sanctuary) with tulle decor, candles, red carpet, organist/soloist, lighted chandeliers, availability of church and usher staff. 

For me, the church has a story. It's about the architecture. The bottom line it is about the church's simplicity.

Also, it's voted by numerous websites and blogs as one of the best churches to get married in.

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Stress-free because of the helpful church staff members (from reservation to registration of marriage contract)

Here we are with Fr. Michael Martin. One word to describe the wedding: Kwela!
As in tawa lang ng tawa. Haha. :)

That aside, we appreciate how he talked to us about receiving communion. I think that was the highlight of the ceremony.

He also went down the altar and talked to our guests during the pictorial.

Groom's family

Groom's friends

Bride's family

 Bride's friends


  1. With the view of the Rajah Sulayman Park and the Manila Bay, Our Lady of Remedies church is perfect for an afternoon or night wedding as guests and couples could get a glimpse of the world-famous sunset and the illuminated fountain at the park.

    May each new day find your hearts a little closer, your lives a little fuller and your love a little deeper. Congratulations! :)

  2. I, too, love the picturesque view of Manila Bay. I appreciate the heartwarming messages. Thanks for dropping by my site. =)


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