Saturday, September 7, 2013


It's just one of those days that G and I were watching Battleship (film). It started as flat and boring but I got hooked when the action started to pour in. 

As soon as the scene where the soldiers were tracing the enemies through a grid, G came to a conclusion that the film was inspired by the board game that carries the same name.

With the proliferation of android / online games, this can compete with the level of enjoyment much more a sense of strategy.

I am posting this now when the standing is currently at 6-3 to my favor of course. G's getting his groove already and might surpass my score.

Created by Hasbro, the kit consists of 2 game units, 10 ships, red and white pegs. Playing it is easy. 

The unit is divided into 2 grids: Target Grid (upper) and Ocean Grid (lower). You just have to position your ships vertically or horizontally.on the Ocean Grid.

Carrier (5 holes)
Battleship (4  holes)
Cruiser (3 holes)
Submarine (3 holes)
Destroyer (2 holes)

The players take turns on guessing where the fleet is at by stating the column (1-10) and the row (A-J). You can track every correct guess with red pegs and white if otherwise. The one who gets to find all the ships wins.

Game 1



Game 2



Game 3

Cy = Yes, I know... I shouldn't have put all my fleet in one area. In reality,  all ships will get destroyed
once a bomb is dropped.


We actually tried playing this on paper. That's a different story. I was defeated single-handedly. I guess, the color helped me with my tactics.

Win or lose, I had fun. ◘

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