Sunday, November 24, 2013

Red Striped Dress

Stripes will always have a classic appeal either in black and white or in color.

The look is effortless – it can be worn as a top or a dress of varying lengths (midi or maxi). It can also be applied to different types of fabric / material with lines ranging from broad to narrow.

Fashion-forward, it’s not just about color + white combination. Clothing pieces are now becoming exciting with a mishmash of shades. There’s pink and yellow, brown and blue and the list goes on.

With this outfit, I am going for a nautical look (red, white and blue denim). The soft cloth of the dress against denim. ◘

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  1. Thanks for your comment!
    I love the dress and I'm following you too :)

  2. yes! I like stripes too..always a classic

  3. nice outfit!
    thanks for the lovely comment, I followed you on gfc and bloglovin :)

  4. very cute outfit

  5. hello dear thank you so much for following. im following back =) if you want to follow each other on our other SNS just let me now =) hugs

  6. Love the dress :)
    Thank you so much for the lovely comment :)
    I follow back

  7. Cant go wrong with a striped dress and denim! Thank you for your lovely comment, hope to see you again soon xx

  8. love your jeans jacket!
    the place of the photo shoot seems enchanted *-*
    thanks for your comment on my blog! i'm following you back! you're "wow" :)
    kisses :*

  9. Hi, you look gorgeous and simple! I liked it! It was very cute * - *
    I'm from Brazil but I am translating since I only know a little English.


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