Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wedding Supplier (Souvenir): Papeladik

Souvenirs: Papeladik
Rating 5/5

It's been a year already and I just found out that I haven't blogged about our wedding souvenir.

Ghe and I love music. No doubt about that. It was on our list to give away guitar keychains as souvenirs to our guests. 

I browsed the 'net for possible contacts and it was a blessing to have found Papeladik. The original item / catalogue consisted of different colors ranging from blue, pink, yellow and green.

We wanted to customize it to a white body guitar, black strings and red font for the labeling. So much for my liking with red-black-white combo. The package included 150 pieces guitar and 30 pieces guitar picks of the same color combination.

They were easy to talk to and very accommodating.They exceeded our expectations by providing ziploc bags which was not part of the contract but a sign of thoughtfulness on their part.

Thumbs up for the goods and services. You can check their Facebook page for more products.


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