Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bonifacio High Street 4D Cinema

Introducing 4D Cinema at Bonifacio High Street.

I decided that G and I should watch How to Train Your Dragon 2 in 4D. In my opinion, the movie would let us experience 4D at its best. True enough, it did.

The movie's storyline did not meet our expectations but that's another story. 

So what exactly is 4D? It is the use of technology where audiences are not limited to the sounds and visuals of a film. Inside the cinema are motion chairs that move in three different ways: a) heave - up and down; b) pitch - left and right; c) roll - backward and forward.

Photos below from

Get to feel environmental effects such as wind, bubbles, lightning, fog, scent, vibration, air shot and water shot. 

I must admit, I was so engrossed with the movements and all the things happening around me that I was not so attentive with the movie. But I got the hang of it on the next few minutes.

You may want to check link here: for visuals on the said effects.

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