Sunday, June 29, 2014

Gundam Project Exia

I love watching Gundam. I also love looking at scale models during exhibits. But I never thougt I would build one. Thanks to G for pushing me and teaching me how to do it. Watching Gundam Build Fighters inspired me too. There were a lot of Gunplas to choose from. I liked Sengoku Astray, Wing Gundam Fenice and Qubeley Papillon.  

It was only until the last few episodes (Ep. 24 to be exact. The series has 25 episodes only. Talk about saving the best for last) when I found my Gundam unit - Exia Dark Matter. 

Gundam Build Fighters (GBF) tackle custom-made kits. Exia Dark Matter is originally from Gundam-00 series, of red and gray palette with a Dark Matter Booster. This gunpla, controlled by Meijin Kawaguchi, has two swords. One with freezing power called Brinicle Blade and the other one called Prominence Blade capable of generating flames.

Here's a photo of the kit's box.

It comes with the booster already. We bought another box as we thought that they were being sold separately.

The original kit has sprues which make the base.

It also contains stickers and decals.

And comes with a manual too. You just have to follow the numbers and letters on the manual versus the ones indicated on the sprues. The visuals should help.  It was supposed to be linear but I found it hard to do the legs since it's in pairs. I had trouble doing them since the step was not indicated on the paper. It is assumed that they are mirror images.

My first cut sprue.

A comparison with G's Gundam Crossbone Maoh and my Exia during the first hour.

During the second Hour... G's model has two arms already.. Gotta speed up.

Look at how adding stickers can do wonders in the over-all look (ex. eyes, joints and other little details.).

After 5 hours, here's the finished product....Tadah!


And more photos...


  1. Keep up the good work build GUNPLA

  2. Thank you. I'm planning to customize it with Rayearth as inspiration. What do you think? :)


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