Monday, July 7, 2014


Wearing blue all over (well, 'cept for my pair of shoes). 
I opted to wear a blue glittered top and blue denim jeans.

It's already a fashion rule that you can pair anything with black. But black and blue make an exquisite combination.

Adding an intricately designed necklace for some character.

There's a topic (normcore) that's been going on the 'net for quite some time now and here's my two cents about it. Fashion is about expressing your own style, enjoying what you wear and being comfortable in who you are while facing the world. It shouldn't be repressive / restrictive. While you may want to distinguish yourself from everyone else, looking pleasant is still the goal. It's not always about following the current trend as fashion is a cycle. It is evolving. You go with your gut feel, you choose clothes that fit your personality and your lifestyle (ex. you wore sneakers when you were still in school but your work now calls for a pair of heels).  In the end it is not something to be defined. As long as you feel good then pursue it. ◘

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