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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Made in Candy

Artisanal candies, Made in Candy originated in Singapore last 2009. 

Hand made candies that exhibit a fusion of flavor and texture.

Relive memories and obsession with anything sweet during your childhood. 

Available in jars...

...and pouches

Flavors include: Peachy Peace,  Heart Rocks, Citrus
Unique designs: Monkey, Butterfly, Four Leaf Clover
Inspiring words: Thank You, I ♥ You

You can also request a design tailor-made just for you. These are perfect as personalized souvenirs for weddings, birthdays and corporate occasions. 


  1. wow yummy ^^
    i like candy till now
    and I could resist those cute looking one

    1. Thanks. Me too. They are so addictive! =)


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