Saturday, July 19, 2014

Wrapping Paper Book

I fancy pretty stuff so when a colleague showed me this wrapping paper book, I hurried to the mall to grab my own.

The book comes in 3 different styles.

The first with vintage looking graphics of Paris, flowers, postage stamps and butterflies.

The second with pastel colors in prints of clouds, hearts and ribbons.

The third with quirky colors and shapes.

The book contains tear out sheets of paper bound in a book. It's easy-to-use with  designs in full color.

The Wrapping Paper Book can be used as, well a wrapper for gifts, wallpaper for small events, backdrop for product shoots, cover for note/books.

They are so adorbs right?



  1. Where did you buy these? Is it available at National Bookstore? Thanks. :)

    1. Bought them at Landmark Makati, ground floor, sa Gifts and Stationery section :)


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