Monday, August 18, 2014

Mentore Coffee + Bar by UCC Cafe

Dropping by Mentore Coffee + Bar for our weekend eat out satisfied our cravings.

G and I couldn't decide on which appetizer to have. The answer, get the sampler which consisted of  fries, garlic toast and fried chicken wings.

G wanted to have Beef Lasagna but changed his mind and opted to have Yoshoku Spa-Indian spaghetti instead. 

Yoshoku means a Japanese dish influenced by Western cuisine. 

The dish was a perfect marriage of sweet-sour red sauce and spicy curry. One did not overpower the other.

I had Chicken Penne Gratin.

Gratin is a cooking technique where the top of the dish is formed into a golden crust. 

Here's a guide to coffee and everything in between.

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