Sunday, September 7, 2014

Teddy's Bigger Burgers

I already have my favorite burger joints when Teddy's Burgers opened last August 2014 and topped my list.

The history of Teddy's Burgers.

Their slogan: If bigger isn't better, then why am I so popular?

The patty size starts at 5 oz. followed by 7 oz and 9 oz as the biggest. True enough, big means full of flavor. It did not fall short of expectations.

So, what's a good burger? Let's dissect.

Teddy's Burgers' tasty offerings.

We actually thought that ordering potato bun was over-the-top so we ordered for wheat instead but it was sold out already. 

Potato bun proved us wrong. It worked with its sweet taste.

We went there for dinner thus the poor lighting (excuses. hehe)

I went for garlic fries with my burger.

G had onion rings.

Teddy's Bigger Burgers is a must-try.

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