Sunday, November 2, 2014

Android Versions

I am amazed by the android names so G and I have made our own list somewhat predicting on what's to come.

photo credit to the owner

A - Apple Pie; Almond
B - Brownie; Butterscotch
C - Caramel; Cinnamon; Custard; Cotton Candy; Chiclet
D - Doublemint; Dough
E - Eggnog
F - Fudge
G - Gelato; Gelatin
H- Hershey; Hazelnut
I - Icing
J - Jam
K - Kiwi
L - Lemon; Licorice

M - Marshmallow / Mallows; Meringue; Muffin; Macaroon; Milky Way; Milkshake; Mocha
N - Nougat; Nutella
O - Oatmeal; Oreo
P- Pretzel; Popsicle; Peppermint; Praline; Parfait; Peanut; Plum; Pistachio; Pumpkin Pie; Passion Fruit; Peanut Butter
Q - Queso; Quaker; Quiche
R - Rhum; Raspberry; Reese; Raisin; Rocky Road
S - Sherbet / Sorbet; Sundae; Sugar; Speculoos; Snickers; Smores
T - Truffle; Toffee; Toblerone; Tootsie Roll; Twix; Tutti Frutti; Toblerone
U - Ube (don't laugh, this one's tough)
V - Vanilla
W - Waffle; Walnut; Whammos; Wafer
X - Xmas Cookie (this one's even tougher)
Y - Yoghurt
Z -Zucchini (c'mon I'm losing brain cells here)

Share what's on your mind. It's fun, I tell you.


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