Friday, November 28, 2014

Coffee-Mate's Be Your Own Barista

It is without doubt that we Filipinos are considered as coffee lovers. A huge chunk of the market is devoted to drinking coffee. And why not? It wakes us up in the morning so we feel alert, it boosts our productivity in the afternoon and it sustains our creativity during the latter part of the day. I can verify these statements as a coffee addict myself.

So when I got invited by Nuffnang to a coffee making workshop with Coffee-Mate, I was quick to confirm my attendance being a fan / follower of the brand. Aptly called “Be Your Own Barista with Coffee-Mate’s Barista University”, I knew that I would learn more about the art of making coffee and discover what goes in each cup.

Staff members from Coffee-Mate // Registration Area

I felt like a student again since it was a school set-up, with fellow bloggers as apprentices and seasoned baristas Stephanie, Shiela and Lloyd as our professors.

My recipe book and personalized apron to equip me the whole day

Lloyd, Shiela and Stephanie with host Eco Sala

Nestle’s Marketing Manager Ms. Kristine Salumbides, our Head Master, welcoming us

They demonstrated how to prepare recipes with Nescafe Classic coffee and the creamiest ever Coffee-Mate. We were taught how to make a “Creamy Latte” and “Yin Yang or Yuanyang coffee”. Adding Coffee-Mate to latte creates a foamy and creamy texture bringing out the froth and rich taste. Yuanyang is a popular beverage in Hong Kong and is a mixture of coffee and milk tea. Incorporating Coffee-Mate enhances its aroma and flavor.

Stephanie preparing Creamy Latte

Shiela doing Yin Yang Coffee

Yin Yang Coffee with black sago

Staff members handing over samples

It’s time for the individual test. Instruction: Create your own “Creamy Caramel Macchiato”. They even suggested to complete it with coffee art by using stencils. Voila! My humble creation. 

Recipe for Caramel Macchiato

There was another test but this time it was a collaborative effort where we were tasked to do a “Creamy Cookies and Cream Iced Coffee”. All the challenges made the class more fun and interactive. Presenting Group 7’s “Teacher’s Pet”.

Our group’s Cookies and Cream Iced Coffee called “Teacher’s Pet”

The group: me, Jill, Clarisse, Rodel

Taste test from the judges

CO/OP Manila (Lifestyle Store and Café), the venue for the event, served us lunch. All the hard work definitely paid off.

It was indeed a sumptuous meal

Graduation time! Prizes were up for grabs and the awarding ceremony kept us excited to know who’s in the honor list.

Group 2’s “Sticks and Stones” succeeded in the group challenge.

Dani Barretto won the “Most Number of Likes” for her photo entry while Nicole Andersson bagged the “Most Valuable Blogger” award.

It’s not school without a class picture right? The group photo culminated the activity.

Say #creamiestever *click* 

The event made me realize that having my own signature coffee is easy-peasy and very accessible too with the creamiest ever Coffee-Mate. You can also try doing these coffee recipes at the comfort of your own home anytime you want to and however you please, hot or iced. 

Thank you Nuffnang PH and Coffee-Mate for the experience. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All views and statements are the author’s own


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    1. Yes, it was really a fun event. I got to make my own special coffee drink with Nescafe coffee and Coffee-Mate creamer, and met new foodie and bloggers alike. :)

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  3. What a fun experience, I love it!
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  8. wow, such an amazing event!
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    1. Hi Lia, it was a fun event. Learned so much from the workshop and from my fellow bloggers :)


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