Thursday, November 20, 2014

Feeling Gypsy

Bohemian is a term referring to those who live in peculiar ways: nonchalant free-spirits. Nowadays, the word is used to describe a trend, sometimes called gypsy style, characterized by floral prints and flowy materials. 

The irony of how it is carefree and now restricted to labels. Like a product lifecycle, we are in the process of evolving and somehow we learn through it.

Okay before I sound geeky here, this post is really about comparing outfits that are of the same flair. The photos above were taken a few weeks back while those below were taken months ago.

On the "dark" corner: it's navy blue floral pants, black sandals and tassel necklace.

On the "light" corner: baby blue pants, silver sandals and bronze necklace.

In my opinion, it is way better to wear pieces that lean on the darker palette. Piling on the right accessories helps too!

So you ask why do I have two pairs of boho pants? I don't know. I have the tendency to buy things on impulse. The next time I am tempted buy something, I need to ask myself these questions: Do I really need this? Do I have a similar item in my closet? Can I style it in many ways? Will it be able to transcend time?

What do you think? 


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  3. I love your patterned trousers! I bet they are really comfortable!

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    1. Thanks Ella! Yup they are very comfortable to wear. :)


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