Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Theo and Philo Artisan Chocolates

Trying Theo and Philo Chocolates is refreshing. Why? It has distinct taste and flavor unlike those being sold in the market. 

They offer chocolate bars with green mango and salt, pili and pinipig, and barako among others.

Whoa! They even have adobo and turon flavors! What do you expect from something made here in the Philippines. These are trademark delicacies unique to the country.

We put being adventurous aside and tried the safer ones first.

We got "Milk Chocolate". And when we say safe, it's safe right? 

I have a penchant for anything spicy and I was trying to be bold with "Labuyo".

So what's their secret? It's about finding the right cacao beans. The firm gets their beans from Davao. They roast the beans to unlock the flavor of the chocolate. They crack the beans open to get the cacao nibs which will be grounded to produce a cocoa mass.

The cocoa mass will be refined even to remove acidity. Other ingredients are also mixed at this stage. It will then be put into a mould and once it hardens, it is now ready for packing and shipping.

Got these goodies from a colleague. 

Want to know more about the product? Visit their page here


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