Sunday, December 14, 2014

Charm Necklace from Sweet Charms Manila

I saw these accessories at Pinterest and was drooling over them since. Good thing I found a local supplier in the country while checking a celebrity's Instagram account. Whew!

Sweet Charms Manila offers charm necklaces, bracelets and key chains. 

*guide photos from Sweet Charms Manila Instagram page

The first step is to select your locket: round or heart-shaped in silver, gold and rose gold. 

It's reversible with one side plain and the other with studs and comes with a short "20 or "28 long chain.

I ordered a large, round, gold necklace.

Next, pick the charms that you want - about 7 to 9 charms will fit a large locket. I selected the ones that best represent me. 

I wanted mine clear but you can also opt to have plates inside (for large lockets only).

Window Plates

I purchased dangles too! An angel wing and a studded key.

Are you ready to hear my story? Know the reasons behind my choices.

pink studded paw = I adore dogs and cats

the word blog = I enjoy writing / reading

Starbucks coffee emblem = not only do I want coffee, but I'm also into Iced drinks / smoothies, milk teas and the like

camera = I'm a struggling photo enthusiast

owl = it was G who gave me the alias "Evening Owl" 'cause he's the "Early Bird" (hmmm, okay no pun intended)

Yin Yang = this embodies us (G and I) not because we contradict each other or we're opposites. I just see us with the symbol, maybe it's because we work as a team or we have the right balance or something.

Cupcake = this represents my love for food. Period.

musical note = I love music

What's yours?


  1. I just got a bracelet like this for my friends.

  2. I have been wanting a locket for a while now and I love the rose gold one you shared <3


    1. Thanks Mariamma. I'm actually ton between gold and rose gold.. But eventually ended up buying the gold. :)


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