Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Inspirational Messages

Some quotes /words to live by I found at CO/OP Cafe and Gift Shop in San Juan.

If the first venture did not turn out as you expected, there are lots of available options out there to choose from. It may be something that will enhance what you are already capable of or a different endeavor altogether.

The first statement, I do unfailingly (I am growing as a person - horizontally that is). Kidding aside, we all need nourishment but one does not forget to nurture both the physical and spiritual attributes. I need to improve on the latter. But hey, I have my books that let me wander in every place un/imaginable.

I found this post from a friend interesting and enlightening at the same time: "Sometimes it's okay if the only thing you did today was breathe." 

Listen to that voice within you. Breathe in the present. Breathe in everything but decide which to take in and which to let go.


  1. Great quotes, esp love the first one. We should work for our dream to come true to our very last breath.

  2. Some words to remind myself. Thanks Amy :)

  3. Hi dear! i think the phrases that you have found are really true.
    I stay and i invite you to visit Ks Keep The Secret, i hope you like it
    see u soon and keeo in touch!


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