Monday, December 29, 2014

NBA Store Opens in the Philippines

G and I were on our way to our usual weekend getaway when we spotted the newly-opened NBA Store.

To date, this is the largest store outside the US.

It's like a museum and retail store in one with interactive sections and authentic NBA merchandise. 

A glimpse of the first floor.

On to the second floor...

Shirts, hoodies, jackets

Cards, cologne




Plushies, action figures, accessories


Games and gadgets

For Junior NBA fans

And grown ups too!

You can create / customize your own jersey!

Signed posters and memorabilia

Interactive Section

The Tall and Short of It 

So how do I measure up against Michael Jordan? 


NBA Trophy

So here's what we purchased. Funny how I was asking my hubby to drop by at the department store earlier for a neck pillow. Oh, the store offers one! It must have been a lucky day for me.

Truly, the store is a haven for the fans but I managed to score something I need.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Amy, my husband and I had a great time just looking at the amazing items they have. :)


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