Friday, January 2, 2015

DIY: Angel Wings for Sneakers

The first day of the year got me creative by doing this angel wing clippers. I have made a bow shoe clip before ( This time Hermes / Mercury (messenger of the gods) inspired me with this project. I'm have sneakers instead of using a formal pair.

1. Use a bond paper to trace your design

2. Cut it and transfer the template to a thicker board.

3. Put your design. You can opt to use colored pens, washi tapes or watercolor. I had mine glued on a glittered foil. 

4. Cut the shape again. You can try to trace the template directly to the foil.

You now have your angel wing clips!  Opt to use 2 wings for each shoe.

Or simply use one clip.

I'll make a different design next time (smaller and more detailed). What do you think?


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