Saturday, February 14, 2015

Andrew Matthews Book Signing

G and I spent Valentine's Day by attending Andrew Matthews' book signing at National Bookstore, Glorietta branch.

It was really G's idea to attend the event.
With him telling me that the books "Being Happy" and "Follow Your Heart" were the ones he used to borrow and read in the library during his grade school days.

Guides while growing up, quite an exaggeration, yes.... but these books really give the readers a feeling of positivity.

2:00pm, people were hyped to see Andrew and Julie arrived at the door. 


He started drawing the cover of his book "Being Happy" (he's a professional portrait artist and cartoonist by the way).

Why write a book about being happy? Why not.. It's better than writing something about being miserable, right.


We'll always encounter challenges in life but we must be able to overcome these obstacles. 
This way we become braver and wiser to face the next encounter.

Reaching Goals

The path to success is not always a direct arrow up. 
We find ourselves in zigzag direction before becoming successful.

Julie Matthews shared some thoughts, too.

Book readers in queue for the book signing.

And we're happy.

To meet Andrew Matthews... a big check on G's bucket list.


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