Monday, February 23, 2015

Denim Dungarees

Dungarees or bib-and-brace overalls were primarily used as protective clothing. The garment evolved into a pinafore dress with variations of jumper skirt, pants or shorts.

It is a sleeveless  item worn over a blouse or sweater and comes in different material and design.
Material like denim, cotton,  silk or jersey. Designs like stripes, plaid or gingham, dotted or floral and may come in plain color or a wide range of hues. 

I am wearing a denim jumper shorts and I love how comfortable this piece is. Be careful with the bulge though so be sure that the snug of the suspenders fits your body well.

While it reminds me of the 90s grunge era, I played with the modern print and color of my floral and fauna top. Sticking with the red/pink and blue palette.


  1. Here is rainy all day, I am so happy to see someone in outfit like that :)

    Visit me: Kapege life moments :)

  2. Thanks dear. The outfit is very comfortable to wear 'cause it's a hot sunny day. =)


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