Sunday, February 1, 2015

Illy Cafe Delizio

After exploring three floors of this bookstore's treasure trove of school/office supplies, magazines and reading materials, I found the need to stop and have coffee. 

Bookstores are like second home to G and I and spending the day to check out interesting stuff can be quite exhausting.

Good thing there's lIlly at the ground floor area so we took time to sip coffee. "Illy" is an Italian roasting coffee company. They don't only serve coffee, they sell equipment too!

G had Chocolate Mint.

I opted for Gourmet Iced Chocolate.

We'd definitely go back to try the other concoctions.


  1. sounds like a great place to get coffee

  2. Yup, after a tiring day wandering at the bookstore. =)


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