Sunday, March 8, 2015

Paeng's Bowl and Billiard Room

I took a day off from work to celebrate G's birthday. We were scheduled to have lunch and then watch a movie after. 

However, due to my messy organizational skills, I need to squeeze in going to the office to submit pics for the International Women's Day Photo Exhibit. We got through it nonetheless. 

I looked at my watch, 6pm. Movie starts at 8pm. Now what to do while waiting for 2 hours? We could go to the bookstore or grab a quick bite. I looked around and surprise, surprise. Paeng's Bowl and Billiard Room was just waiting for us behind our backs.

This is serious business.

I admit... Billiards is not my A-game

We did not realize our one-hour game's up. It's true that time flies when you're having fun. We decided to try and play bowling next.

That form, footwork, armswing and release.

But look at the scoreboard. That's because I made a strike.  I could be the next Paeng. 

It has a store where you can shop for goodies too.

Busy and hectic? Nah. Fun and adventurous? Oh yes!

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