Sunday, April 12, 2015


Picture that you're on a yacht, the ocean breeze blowing your hair, the sun illuminates your face, and the pristine water simply flowing. Sporting the nautical style is characterized by stripes in white and navy blue. 

Nautical is one style that will never grow old. It develops and evolves over time.

Trying to reinvent the look by incorporating red, blue and white hues. Cargo nets translated to my web inner top.

But my outer top screams the obvious since it has elements of rope, anchor, vertical and horizontal stripes in blue and red.

The trend can be worn in the office through color blocking (ex. blue polo shirt, red jacket, white trousers and white pair of shoes) or simply at the beach (ex. navy blue swimwear, white shorts, red strappy sandals).

Have you tried this trend? Share your posts and photos,

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