Saturday, May 23, 2015

Cold Stone Creamery

To beat the summer heat, a trip to an ice cream shop is the best thing to do. G has been telling me about Cold Stone Creamery the past days. Good thing we chanced upon this branch at Serendra...And so we tried.



There were many different flavors to choose from. Part of me wanted to try Chocolate Devotion or Oreo Overload. 

Options, options

But with these choices, you'd want to try 'em all.

You'd want to have your ice cream with some mix-ins or with waffle cones.

In the end, I ordered "Birthday Cake Remix". I have ice cream then cake too! While G had "Coffee Lovers Only". 

You'd see how they prepare your favorite treat.

And the exciting part? They wouldn't give you the cup. They'd throw it to you. 

G loved its consistency - neither hard nor soft-serve. 

We surely recommend this place for your ice cream cravings.

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