Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lego Store in BGC

I've been fascinated by how Lego works when I was a kid. Even if I'm already an adult, that thought still lingers. You can check out my post about a notebook inspired by Lego here:

So when we learned that a Lego store has just opened recently, we were quick to pay a visit. Sometimes I think that G and I are kids trapped inside 30 + year old adults. But hey, Lego is meant for kids and the kids at heart right?

We were greeted by these Lego models at the lobby.

Oh, G! =)

This diorama has certainly caught my eye.

G loved the jeepney and the tricycle.

You can buy bricks at P679.75 per 100 grams.. though the pieces were quite limited.

Or how about a mini figure?

And like a kid, G was able to create a whole lot of things from these Lego pieces.


A small vehicle

A carriage

A bangle too!

Keychains / LED lights / magnets

I'd love to have this R2-D2!

Friends / The Hobbit / Disney

City / Mini Cooper

Pick some random mini figures.

I managed to find my corner.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

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