Sunday, June 28, 2015

Kichitora of Tokyo

G and I were on the lookout for something new. The uncharted territory of Glorietta 5 ushered us to Kichitora.

Places like this make G want to order ramen.

Kichitora literally means "Kichi" as lucky and "Tora" as tiger. They provide authentic Japanese ramen flavor.

And we can vouch for that since we really liked their "Chintan Ramen" which is salt or soy sauce-based clear soup, served with chicken or pork and topped with bamboo shoots, veggies and spring onion.

They say that ramen is best paired with gyoza.

To complete our ramen experience, we ordered gyoza which is pan-fried dumpling filled with meat, vegetables with herb and spices.

On top of that, I was craving for a rice meal so I got myself a bowl of "Pork Chashu Rice", which is grilled pork, dried seaweed and molten lava egg (ajitsuke tamago) served on top of Japanese rice.

Our verdict, we'd go back for their ramen which was superb!


  1. sound like a fun place to dine at.

  2. We recommend the place for their ramen. :)


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