Friday, July 24, 2015

Buffalo Wild Wings

I was so enthralled to see this giant poster about a new wing joint. We didn't know the exact location so G and I headed over the nearest concierge to ask for directions. Too bad, the store has not opened yet. Well, that was two weeks ago and boy was it worth the wait.

The store opened last July 14 at Glorietta 1, the second in fact with the first branch at Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons.

It was a lazy Saturday weekend, G and I haven't had our lunch yet. You could just imagine how my tummy was grumbling the whole time. I was thinking out loud deciding which is better - burgers or wings. If G would have it, he'd choose chicken wings over burgers in a heartbeat. 

What are we having?

And so we grabbed our grub. The usual dirty rice, wings (it's barbeque for G and garlic parmesan for me) and some sides.

There was nothing special with their barbeque sauce. I mean, you could easily find the same taste in other chicken wing restos. However, their garlic parmesan was a revelation. It's not your typical sweet to the palate goodness, but it has some kick in it. Their wings come with free celery or carrot sticks and garlic ranch dip, too!

Here's something to guide you through their sauces and seasonings.

As if we're done, we had fries to break the flavor.
Don't be deceived by how pale the fries look, these are actually savory. Good as is, better with mayo-ketchup.

Ordering flatbread was G's idea. 

Here's their Buffalo Chicken Flatbread = oven-baked pizza crust with a mix of spicy garlic sauce, bleu cheese, chicken, celery bits and mozzarella-provolone cheese blend.

I was not that much of a fan; too salty for my taste.

With the many television sets (mostly basketball, football games, UFC, etc...) around the store, I am convinced that they are trying to cater to sports fanatics. Deploying XBOX consoles for the kids (and the kids at heart) won't hurt.

Though a bit pricey, they make up for it through their servings.

At the end of the day, let's toast to good food and good company.


  1. I love me some buffalo wild wing. I haven't had it in a few month now.


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