Sunday, August 23, 2015

100 Revolving Restaurant

I really wanted to experience dining at 100 Revolving Restaurant situated at the 33/F MDC Building in Eastwood. The thought of having your meal while the view outside changes excites me.

Ok, I did some research, stumbled upon Yvette Tan's article and came to realize that the idea came from Que family (owner of Mercury Drug) to commission Chef Jessie to take over the first revolving restaurant in the country. 

We got there at around 5:00 pm and I was in awe with the place.

We were seated with the bar and C5-Southbound as our view.

A few minutes after, the scene shifted to this. 

G said it took some time before our food was served. I didn't take notice because of the breathtaking sights before me.

Food fare

Baby Back Ribs

The meat falls off the bone and we loved the salad too

Beef Ramen

We swore by its authentic taste

Chicken Teriyaki

Tender meat in sweet sauce

Halfway through, it's about time for sunset.

Here's C5-Northbound - things are starting to light up.

Got a surprise cake too!

'Twas dark already when we left..

I really had fun celebrating my special day at 100 Revolving Restaurant.

Thankful to G, family and friends. ♥

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