Sunday, October 18, 2015

Milkcow Philippines

Nothing beats a stressful day than to indulge in soft serve ice cream. So when I had discovered Milkcow while browsing through the web, I made it a point to pay the branch a visit.

The cafe originated from Korea and has expanded to neighboring countries in Asia.

Milkcow opened its first store in the Philippines last December 2014 at Eastwood Mall in Quezon City. I said to myself that trying out a new brand won't hurt so G and I were on the hunt to find where it is located.

Here are the flavors that they offer - ice cream made from organic milk resulting to a smooth, creamy taste.

I wanted to try "Snow Drop" with cotton candy on top but we settled for safer choices. 

G had "Milky Cube" which is their organic milk soft serve ice cream topped with honeycomb. You can really feel the honey oozing out and then bursting inside your mouth. It is sweet to the taste and the texture is quite chewy.

Honey helps boost energy, prevents heart disease and regulates blood sugar to name a few of its healthy benefits.

Mine was "Choco Puff" with the organic ice cream as base, drizzled with dark chocolate syrup that evens out its sweet taste topped with marshmallows. 

Besides ice cream, they also have coffee and ice blended drinks.

They also offer a variety of food like croissant, pizza and pasta.

At the end of the day, I believe that everything is a choice. Choose between sulking all day or getting Milkcow's ice cream and be happy. The choice is yours.

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