Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Stay Chic and Comfy during the Holidays

Holidays are coming - meaning the cold, chilly nights of December are here. Well, the frosty weather extends on the next two months or so.

You might be wondering on how I would spend my vacation this time of the year. Read on and maybe you could pick a thing or two for that much-needed R&R, rest and recreation that is.

A hearty breakfast of pancake, bacon and eggs is a sure way to jump-start my day. I could even try to learn how to bake some cupcakes, too! I would prepare a hot cup of coffee or chocolate and curl up with a good book. I am actually an avid reader of anything Paolo Coelho.

Browsing through the internet and find me some good blogs to read, check some sites for my daily dose of news and fashion inspiration. I have put on hold quite a number of (chick) flicks, I would simply laze around and do a movie marathon.

Get myself up and make some creative DIY (do-it-yourself) projects. How about something for the home like pillow covers or wall decorations perhaps? Paying attention to some of my hobbies is definitely on my list. I could write a poem, do a painting with acrylics and hum a new tune on my guitar.

Holidays also equate to longer vacation days. I could pamper myself and catch some good night sleep. I would light some lavender-scented candles, slather on some relaxing chamomile lotion, play soothing music in the background and put on chic and comfortable sleepwear.

I have come across Adore Me which is an online platform that offers a wide array of products from sexy lingerie, stylish undergarments and cozy sleepwear among others. Their goal is to make women feel sexy without sacrificing comfort.

They say that confidence starts from within and yes wearing a charming pair of undergarment won't hurt too!

Here are some of the pieces in the collection:

I love the sweet pastel color and the floral print.This short pajama set is without doubt something I would wear.

Blue adds a classic touch in this two-tone lace pair.

Match your undergarment with the (flannel) top you are wearing.

A pop of color makes it extra special.

Peach gets you in touch with your feminine side.

Violet and pink create an attractive combination.

Head over their site now: they have a style quiz so they can recommend which design best suits you, they provide trendy yet affordable items and their members enjoy VIP perks like exclusive giveaways and special sales.

Truly something that we'll adore.

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