Friday, November 25, 2016

I wanna Bake some Cupcakes and Brownies, too!

There are so many things and activities that I want to explore. 

And one of them is to bake some cupcakes - hopefully try to make brownies on the side too!
photo: foodgawker

Why do I want to bake you ask? First, I want to bake for personal consumption. Cupcakes have been a favorite dessert for me and I always want to get my fill whenever I crave for them. Second, I want to experience the art side of it, that is, doing the decorations and toppers. Third, I want to put up a cupcake business in the long run.

I need a trusty equipment to help me realize these goals.

Good thing there is the Imarflex 2 in 1 Brownies and Cupcake Maker made available at Lazada.

This has detachable plates whenever you feel like doing cupcakes or brownies and for easy cleaning as well. It has an anti-slip rubber footing and space saver design. To get yours, click on the link now: 


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