Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mr. Pizza

A new pizza and pasta place discovery called Mr. Pizza, which is a Korean brand… and Korea’s number one pizza chain for that matter. Curiosity kicked in on how the food differs from those which Italian restaurants offer. Awarded by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy as a World Class Product of Korea in 2014.

Mr. Pizza applies the 300% principle = 100% fresh, hand-kneaded dough is used; 100% generous toppings are served; 100% grill baked which equates to healthy, chewy goodness.


Chicken Spicy Cream Pasta = True to its name, their pasta oozes with a creamy sauce served with chicken breast and bits of mushroom. You can also feel the peppery flavor, though not too spicy for my taste

Chicken Tenders = Crunchy on the outside, tender and tasty on the inside. Serving is good enough for two

Hallabong Ade = I was quite hesitant to try this but it turned out to be a sweet and zesty drink

Oven Baked Meat Spaghetti = The b├ęchamel sauce worked well. Just look at all the sauce and cheese

Oddly enough, no pizza was ordered but here are a few choices that you may want to consider.

Well, maybe next time. Have you tried Mr. Pizza? Share your thoughts.


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