Sunday, November 27, 2016

Unboxing the 2017 Starbucks Planner

Starbucks offers two designs for their 2017 planner called “Siren” (blue green) and “Coffee Stains” (brown).  Collecting stickers has always been a yearly tradition for many. Following last year’s collaboration with Moleskine, this year’s planners did not disappoint – besides the awesome artwork for the covers, the planners come with a pouch too! You can also opt to choose between two sizes: the regular or the smaller one.

I got “Siren” because the patterns were really eye-catching, plus the hues blue, green and gold blend in together. Let’s unbox the planner shall we?


The actual planner is hardbound, the background is a mixture of blue and green colors with embossed gold geometric patterns. It has an elastic closure and built-in ribbon marker which comes in brown that work well with the splash of colors.

It has a cool artwork to introduce the month.

It has a monthly overview that makes you see schedules and holidays at a glance.

And is further broken down into a weekly spread and has (unlined) “Notes” page as well.

The zip up pouch is made of thick cloth and the design goes with the planner cover.

Erasable Pen
It comes in black ink and works just like pencil when being erased.

Magnetic Bookmark
A coffee flat lay design on one side and “Starbucks Coffee” logo on the other.

It comes with stickers in coffee bean, coffee cup and other coffee graphics.

There are tear coupons redeemable for the whole year.

The good thing about claiming your own planner? Starbucks gives back to their partner NGOs namely: Teach for the Philippines (TFP) and Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA). Definitely cultivating change, one planner at a time.


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