Sunday, December 25, 2016


It was just one of those days when I wanted to try something new – a change of environment perhaps, so I had lunch at TWG (The Wellness Group), which was established in Singapore in 2008.

Enough with the verbatim info. It was lunch break so my tummy was craving for something heavy. I was browsing through the menu and their Chicken Fettucine caught my fancy. A safe choice you’d say.

Okay I was not experimental that time but who wouldn’t get tempted with an oven-roasted chicken breast infused with Silver Moon Tea served with bell pepper, mushrooms, shallots with spiced Chardonnay sauce. It was very aromatic when the food got served – al dente pasta that’s so flavorful with fresh herbs and spices. Though spicy, it was just spot-on for me.

Oddly enough, I did not order for tea or pastries (macarons for that matter). Maybe next time.

Other snapshots from the store:

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  1. Sounds like a great place to go.


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