Sunday, December 11, 2016

Zark's Burgers

I would really like to try all the burger joints in town. With all the hype about Zark’s Burgers, you must know how excited I was when we decided to eat here.

Zarks’ Ultimate Burger = a quarter pound burger with cheese, served with veggies, mushroom and bacon.

Bacon Slab Cheeseburger = a quarter pound cheeseburger topped with bacon slab, mozzarella cheese and barbeque rum sauce on the side.

They also serve hotdogs, sandwiches and rice meals too!

Here is the famous Wall of Fame

Jawbreaker = Triple cheeseburger with spam and bacon with overflowing cheese sauce on top

The challenge: If you finish the burger within 5 minutes then it's free

Tombstone = Two-pound cheeseburger covered with cheese sauce, served with 500 grams of fries

The challenge: If you finish the burger in 10 minutes, you'll have your photo posted on the Wall of Fame plus you'll get a free shirt

The verdict? I wasn't able to appreciate the food the first time so maybe I should visit the resto again and try the other food foray to realize the whole Zark's burger experience.


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