Saturday, January 14, 2017

Go Through Your Day with the Jimmy Case

I consider myself as part of the young urban professionals (yuppies) who contribute to the economy of the country – people who thrive in their chosen niche and those who go on chasing and realizing their dreams. As experts would put it, yuppies are individuals who enjoy the urban life, who maintain a nonchalant appearance, and who are conscious with their health and are in touch with hip events, arts and culture now more than ever.

Sometimes called as “Young Upwardly-Mobile Professionals”, I attest to this as “being on the go” defines my daily routine. So does juggling a computer job, training sessions and meetings from eight to five sound familiar to you? On top of that, do you have to attend to errands like going to the grocery store, squeeze in time to hit the gym and find time for leisure without sacrificing family bonding? Then, you definitely fit in the definition of a yuppie. 

And as typical yuppies, they would like to have their own house, a car perhaps and some cool gizmos. I personally would want to own an iPhone because having that much activities, I know that I can depend on my trusty phone to organize my schedule.

If you know me well, I have my wallet (sometimes with a notepad, a book) on one hand and a phone on the other when I go out for lunch or a quick break. There is a tendency for me to drop any of those with that much on my hands and I do not want to break my phone, whack my plans and miss any happenings set for the day so it was a revelation to me to find out that there is the JimmyCASE, known to make functional and stylish phone cases.

I do suggest having a JimmyCASE wooden phone case, which  provides full-frame protection and has an authentic mahogany core.

You know it is quite frustrating to have your hands full (both literally and figuratively) so it is very beneficial to have the JimmyCASE. You can check sample here: an artisanal product which is handmade in the USA and has a sleek design. 

It works double-time as a phone case and a wallet holder at the same time. As an iPhone wallet, it can carry cash and up to 6 cards (ATM, credit card, IDs, heath cards, loyalty cards from my favorite shops and bookstores, calling cards). 

This is good news especially for those who travel and those who are always on the move since they need not worry where they put their money and cards with this handy wallet case. To add, there are varied colors to choose from that will suit your liking.

Now talk about ease and convenience without losing some sense of fashion for your device.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but texts and words are all mine


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