Sunday, January 8, 2017

Kitchen Design Concepts with Plumb Tile

I have always been fascinated by Architecture and Interior Design. I have this endless thirst and curiosity on how careful planning about space and form (furniture and fixture for that matter) come into play with design and aesthetics to develop a concrete visual creation. And it has always been my objective to have a wonderful house of my own. Putting these two together (art + blueprint) can help fulfill having a home with areas such as the bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen that are pleasing to the eyes.

If you are following my blog posts, you know that I want to cook and bake. Having this in mind, the kitchen area deserves meticulous decoration and layout for optimal functionality because this is where food preparation is made. Here are a few suggestions on how you can achieve this goal: 

1. Keep it spacious. Think of fluidity from floor to ceiling. The appliances should be placed in corners that do not hinder movement. Declutter and take into account what shelving can do.

2. Have a definite style. It means having a coherent theme to avoid looking too busy. Stick with your type. It can be rustic or contemporary; brights or neutrals. 

3. Make it exciting. To sustain this vibe, you may want to consider having a kitchen tile backsplash. Patterns and colors make for a wonderful backdrop depending on the appearance that you would want to go for.

4. Consider the details. Switch from dull finishes to chic touches. This can be done by installing products from Lefroy Brooks in your kitchen. You would be surprised that putting this element can amp the overall setting. 

5. Be open to improvement. You can start updating the faucet – say by using a single handle, pull down faucet made of brass for a modern air.

Easier said than done? You do not have to worry. I have stumbled upon Plumb Tile on the internet which can be the answer to your needs. You can have all these and more with a variety of options available to meet your home requirements. Browse through their eco-friendly and budget-friendly items to realize the specifics of your project.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but texts and words are all mine


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