Thursday, January 19, 2017

Space and Retail Design: Harlan + Holden

There is something about this cubed space that caught my attention. Well, maybe it's because of its crisp and fresh aura.

Looking at the over-all brand and image, Harlan + Holden would want to separate itself from the uproar of prints and patterns and would like to uphold a collection of plain but interesting clothes.

This local store was conceptualized when the normcore trend was emerging at the fashion arena.

But don't be mistaken, their products offer class and sophistication with its cut and silhouette - items that are comfortable and wearable. They also serve as a blank canvas open for interpretation based on one's personality (accessorizing for example).

When it comes to interior design (by Frederic Legendre), the colors exude a clean feel. 

The palette and materials used may bring a classic atmosphere but the construction definitely screams a modern vibe.

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