Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sephora PH x Guerlain

In this day and age, everything is so fast paced that we forget the more important things in our lives. We are so preoccupied at the tasks that we have to do that we forget to focus on ourselves. While we tend to our daily activities, we still need to look neat and presentable. If only I could blurt this "Oh, I woke up like <insert name of favorite model/beauty ambassador> today" statement whenever I look in the mirror everyday. But then, I was fortunate to receive this Guerlain beauty stash from Sephora PH. Now there is no excuse for me to look haggard but rather feel fresh and youthful all day.

Sephora is a beauty-retail concept and has been in the business for more than 40 years already, which means that they know the industry like no other - beauty definitely runs in their veins. It offers a wide variety of well-curated brands ranging from cosmetics, fragrances and body/hair/skin care products that will make all you beauty junkies go gaga over these.

Guerlain, on the other hand, is a French beauty house founded in 1828. They boast of perfume, makeup and skin care items. It is famous for Meteorites, La Petite Robe Noire, Terracotta and Abeille Royale among others.

Parure Gold Radiance Powder Foundation

You really need to have a good foundation so as to have a nice base for your face, then you can add some blush on the cheeks, eye liner and/or eye shadow and so on. Upon opening the box, the powder foundation is inside a velvet pouch. It is very sleek and sophisticated with its black color and gold lining. Opening the compact further, you'll see that the powder is lifted and inclined with the sponge at the lower compartment. This is a plus point for me that the powder is separated from the sponge. It is labeled as a powder foundation with its usage: apply as foundation using the sponge or as powder using a brush. Now talk about versatility.

A single coat or two is enough to provide a good coverage, this sounds good to me 'cause I have a combination to oily skin.  The product may appear flaky but applying and gliding it to the face provides a smooth finish. It has gold pigments for that shimmery effect and I surely have that certain glow. Putting it to darker areas, my face has a smooth and flawless appearance. My face brightened up from the first application. The Amber Pale color is a bit lighter compared to my original skin tone but I think blending helps even out the powder. It was not that hard to blend the product at all. And the best thing about this, it has collagen booster which fights wrinkles and eliminates the signs of stress to the skin and oil of myrrh which explains its light scent which I love. And did I say it has SPF 15 formulation, too?

 The product is of high quality substances that professional makeup artists use this as well.


La Petite Robe Noire Deliciously Shiny Lip Colour (Pink Ballerinas)

La Petite Robe Noire lip line deserves as much attention as the nail polish and perfume collection. While opening the box, I noticed that it is a black tube with a casing that looks like a crystal with a heart shape at the bottom. It is not branded as "delicious" for nothing because of its floral-fruity scent and flavor.  And why "shiny", the lipstick is infused with natural oils to hydrate the lips and yes my lippies felt moisturized. Just look at that glossy sheen. It also has POP pigments that give luster and shine properties to the lips.

It is light to the feel and it is as if I'm not wearing any lipstick at all. It has a slant, angular tip which makes application easier. It spreads and glides easily on the lips. I love how the pigment is workable - a single swipe produces a soft tint; two or more strokes create a vibrant color. It is very versatile depending on the look that you would want to go for (ex. subdued during the day and bold at night). 

Pink Ballerinas lean towards a light to medium rosy shade that complements to both ends of the skin color spectrum. You can use it whether you have either warm (peachy, golden, yellow) or cool (blue,red, pink) skin tone.

Pink Ballerinas is truly a great choice for both the girls and the ladies out there and a delightful option which can be used for various occasions. It screams femininity with its girly shade that equally matches its dainty packaging and sweet scent. With its staying power and long-lasting effect, I will always put this in my bag so I could add a pop of color wherever I go.


Varying shades

Soft pink shade with one swipe

Bold and vibrant with more pigment

Abeille Royale Honey Gel Mask

Abeille Royale is Guerlain's skin care program using Pure Royal Concentrate that aids in the skin's healing process. Over time, it helps repair wrinkles and loss of tissue firmness. The line also contains honey which is known to have natural repairing substances, hence, the hexagon honeycomb tub and lid. I really need such products at this point in my life to somehow fight the signs of aging and skin sagging.

I got the Guerlain Abeille Royale Honey Gel Mask (50ml) that is an intensive recovery treatment for the skin. After thoroughly cleaning my face, I applied a dollop of the product on my face and on the neck area and I loved its cooling effect. I don't mind that it has a floral-powdery scent but others might find it a bit overpowering. As you can see it is medium-yellow/beige-colored and has a thick, gel-like consistency but it doesn't feel heavy at all. My overall appearance looked smoother, meaning more even skin tone, less visible pores and my skin felt nourished.  After putting the mask, it was easily absorbed by the skin without the greasy feel. I needed to wait 10 minutes more to massage the excess though. After doing so, I kept on touching my face and I couldn't help but notice that the tiny bumps on my cheeks and jawline were gone. I do felt refreshed and revived. Can I say I just witnessed a miracle? This is meant to be used once or twice a week so I'll keep you posted on how it will work on some fine lines under my eyes and on my forehead. It has a leaflet providing the users pertinent details and instructions on how to use the mask, and it comes with a small spatula so you are assured of hygiene and cleanliness in each use.

I will surely put this in my nightly routine (note that it can be used during day time but I prefer to put it at night before going to bed). However for its price, I know that there are also promising items out there that cost less.

My Overall Verdict

If you were to select and buy cosmetics, I strongly suggest getting a foundation as a base, a lipstick to add color on the face and to highlight the lips and a repairing mask to take care of your skin.   Fret not, Guerlain products are now made available in the country through Sephora PH, They are a tad pricey but knowing what they can do to our skin make the extra bucks worth it. Invest in yourself as they say.

What do you think?


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