Tuesday, March 14, 2017

OPPO F1s: Pinoy #Foodstagram

It is without doubt that Filipinos love to eat. Food will always be in the heart and center of every celebration and every get-together. The love for food in the Philippines is inherent due to the fact that the country is full of natural resources to get the freshest ingredients and because the people here love to mingle and socialize. These are reasons enough why chefs and even bakers have put the country and the Filipino cuisine in the international arena. But wait, before we could go any further I would like to let you in a few of my favorite Filipino dishes: appetizer, main dish and dessert.

Mangga, and Singkamas (Appetizer)

I have always been vocal about my love for mangoes (Fil. mangga, Philippines' national fruit), both raw and ripe. The table is not complete without a serving of mangga which is a staple for me. Singkamas and mangga remind me most of my childhood back in elementary days - I would sneak out of the school premises just to buy a stick or two. These are best paired with bagoong (I prefer mine between sweet and spicy); rock salt with chili next and then patis (fish sauce) with a hint of sugar in last place.

Gising Gising (Main Dish)

This is for all the veggie-loving foodie out there as you can never go wrong with winged beans, shallots, garlic and spring onion cooked in gata. The crunch of each of the component makes for an enormous texture that bursts in the mouth.

Lechon & Oyster Sisig (Main Dish)

The dish is comprised of oyster with crunchy lechon drizzled with mayonnaise and is supposed to be mixed and seasoned with calamansi. Talk about meat overload, it got me craving for another cup of rice, this plus it evens out the flavor of both the lechon and oyster. I bet you didn't know that sisig originated from Pampanga - now talk about authentic Filipino recipe.

Ginataang Kalabasa (Main Dish) 

I love how this dish is already a combination of meat and vegetables. You already have pork and shrimp, then crisp beans smothered with pureed squash that serves as a thick sauce that is mouthwatering altogether. The dish is quite spicy for my taste but I know that a lot of people would love to have a dash of spice sometimes.

Sorbetes (Dessert)

My tummy is already full but as most people say, "there is always room for dessert". To satisfy your sweet tooth, how about a scoop of Tsoknat (chocolate), Gatas (milk), and Keso (cheese)? Tsoknat is a fusion of chocolate and peanut, Gatas is reminiscent of everyone's favorite vanilla and Keso has real cheese tidbits in every mouthful.

You know that the dish is made with love on how it is served and how the plating is done. It does not get unnoticed as today's generation has this habit of shooting their grub first before totally wolfing 'em down. With the onslaught of social media, everyone has a platform to share their favorites, which can easily be accessed, discovering things one after another.

To achieve high quality posts, Oppo F1s is definitely your ultimate companion in taking great photos. Having a 16MP front camera with a 1/3.1-inch sensor and an F/2.0 aperture, and a 13MP rear camera making it work at nighttime. It allows more light to enter which means blurred shots are eliminated and you are assured of natural-looking, clear and more detailed photographs - all of which are important in achieving food snaps. Wide angle photos are a no-brainer with the panorama feature by simply rotating the phone from side-to-side, you are certain that all your food fare is covered in your shot.

Oppo F1s has a host of plug-ins and filters that make for inventive snapshots necessary for food styling and mobile photography, which is becoming a career nowadays. It also has a watermark element allowing users to imprint details like time, date and temperature to name a few. I would truly want to have a phone like Oppo F1s so I could take high-quality images for sharing on my blog.

So share a bit of your life, so we could see the world through your eyes, err through the photos taken with the Oppo F1s smartphone. Every snapshot is surely double-tap worthy. 

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