Sunday, April 2, 2017

Tous Le Jours: A Review of their Macarons

I am giving myself the task to be on the hunt for the best macarons in town as I have always been fascinated by how adorable these confections are.

I love how the pastel colors equally match their saccharine taste. Coffee shops and bakeshops alike even put premium on the packaging. For the purpose of review, here are some of the points to consider: Texture, Appearance, Flavor and Filling.

I guess it was around December that time when gifts and boxes flung everywhere when this pack from Tous Le Jours caught my attention. It surely is unique and veers away from the usual box casing for macarons. So I decided to pay the nearest store a visit.

Tous Le Jours, a French term that means everyday, is a franchise from South Korea. You will feel at home with its cozy interiors, nothing too intimidating. They have bread, pastries and beverages too!

Bread and Pastries


Moving on to the review.

It has a smooth outer shell that breaks into a chewy inside. It's quite bigger than the others; the batch that I bought has a thin filling though.

The set includes the following flavors: Grape, Maple, Apple, Cherry, Blueberry.  Maple has won my heart, Blueberry in close second. They are too sweet for my taste, sometimes sacrificing the flavor and come artificial even. However, the macarons are good enough for the price.


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