Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bake N' Shoot Workshop

Style my cake and eat it too? Why not? My love for food and styling were the contributing factors that made me want to enroll at the Bake N' Shoot workshop by Carmela Agosta and Chichi Tullao. The goal of the activity is to create the subject - in our case, the cakes in their naked glory to look as interesting as possible and to style them in such a way that they are instagrammable-worthy.

A little less than ten participants graced the event at a workable space beside Crisp on 28th in BGC. We started off by glazing white chocolate on a thin sheet of paper topping it off with luxe, designer sprinkles from Glam Pop PH. We let it cool down to harden which would eventually become our shards for decoration.

The next process would involve preparing the icing made from fresh strawberries and then spreading an adequate amount on top of each layer to hold the pre-baked calamansi cakes which were roughly 5-6 inches in diameter.

Here are some photos on how the mentors were giving pointers on baking and decorating.

The best thing about naked cakes? Well, yeah while they are the "in" thing at the moment, it's easy to style and it lets the decors pop out with it being a minimalist base. 

Whew, on to putting the topper... I was able to come up with three designs - Rainbow, Pink and Gold, and White-Silver. Putting them all together was not the right decision to make so I took out the multicolored and tadah.. One of the participants said that mine was "glam".

It's all about angles when taking photos.

You just have to have the right props to create a great layout.

And you have to add some human element in the photos.

Other styling ideas.

It was scheduled on a Saturday afternoon, though gloomy and rainy, the pretty cakes made the day all colorful and exciting. 


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